The landscape of education is changing. People like Ken Robinson speak about how schools are killing creativity and that schools are set up to fulfill an outdated factory model of knowledge-construction. Teachers are paying attention, but often don’t know how or where to start. The aim of this website is to give teachers background knowledge about creativity and practical, tested ways to bring this into classrooms.

Why Creativity?

When students are creative, they:
  • love learning.
  • think about the world in a way they never have before.
  • take risks and try new things.
  • reflect about their learning.
  • develop skills that will help them navigate an uncertain future.
  • discover things about themselves they might never have known.
  • engage in rich conversations with each other.
  • waste less time with behaviour disruptions.
  • feel empowered.

When students are creative, teachers:
  • are invigorated.
  • fall in love with their jobs all over again.
  • take risks and try new things.
  • are creative, too.

Who Are We?

The Creativity Collective was born when seven strangers took a transformative graduate course in the faculty of education at the University of Calgary called Creativity in Educational Practice with Robert Kelly. We soon discovered a deep connection with each other, and decided to continue working together to support, challenge, and collaborate to infuse creativity into our classrooms.You can e-mail the Collective at thecreativitycollective@gmail.com.

Erin Quinn

Erin Quinn is a former middle school teacher and current Learning Specialist. Her areas of interest include design thinking, maker education, career and technology foundations, and learning commons. You can connect with her at @luckybydesign. Other than educating, Erin loves to make: art, food, design, and everything in between. She lives with her sister and their two cats, Oddly and Mortimer.

Stephanie Bartlett

Stephanie Bartlett teaches Kindergarten French Immersion.  Her school is deeply engaged in teaching metacognition across the disciplines. Stephanie’s passion and focus in teaching is developing creativity at the core of her teaching practice.  She is actively transforming her classroom into a living example of creative development and seeks to help other teachers embrace this innovative approach to teaching.  Stephanie is connected with the professional learning network on twitter.  You can follow her at @sj_bartlett, or her students at @Mme_Stephanie.  She is an active mom who enjoys the outdoors and also writes poetry.

Trina Penner

Trina Penner teaches grade 9-12 Drama, Technical Theatre, and Dance. Trina first discovered creative confidence when she played the role of the princess in Grade 1. She was hooked. She has spear headed new assessment techniques within her Fine Arts department and her Drama / Dance program over the years. Trina believes that experiential learning taps into a powerful place that makes students build creative confidence as learners. She has recently started to view her classroom as a “creativity lab” and her role as a learning designer.  You can connect with her via twitter @Twnpenner.  Her best production has been with her hubby in creating their lovely daughter.

Sandra McNeil

Sandra McNeil has been a woman of many hats, and most recently teaches at Langevin Science School. Through these years she has taught as a generalist in grades 4 and 7 as well as a math and science specialist in both grades 7 and 8. Graduating with a fine arts degree prior to pursuing a career in education, Sandra approaches curriculum from a place of creativity. Passionate about curriculum development, specifically in the fields of math and science, Sandra strives to help students discover the minutiae of an observation, question, or problem. Her goal is to create rich and authentic learning experiences, which  support students to become creative designers and innovators through the experience of creating of their own original work. Outside of the classroom Sandra enjoys yoga, ringette, hockey and outdoor activities including kayaking and snowshoeing. Currently her favourite activity is to explore the world through the eyes of her daughters. You can follow her via twitter @smcneil73.

Dana Witte

Dana Witte teaches a wide variety of subjects at the middle school level: everything from Social Studies to Phys Ed. Throughout all of them, Dana applies creative teaching practices to encourage her students to broaden their thinking. Dana is mom to two vivacious girls. In her spare time, she teaches fitness classes. You can reach her on Twitter at @dana_witte.

Kim Miner

Kim is a strong advocate for personalized instruction; Kim actively involves her students in real life, creative problem solving opportunities, both individually and in groups. Kim’s professional interests focus on inspiring students to create authentic work, within the parameters of the curriculum. Kim plans to allocate student exploration time in the classroom by providing a framework for cross-curricular, student led projects.

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