Sunday, September 07, 2014

Grade 7 Final Project | Using Design Thinking | Part 2

by Erin Quinn
I watched a great movie awhile ago called How to Cook Your Life that features a Zen Buddhist chef called Edward Espe Brown. In it, he said, “Cooking brings your hands nourishment because your hands get to be hands instead of playing around with your iPod or computer. They get to do something instead of sitting around all day while you’re entertaining yourself with your iPod and your internet and all of the other things we do. Our hands don’t get to do much any more.”
And then he said, “Your hands activate your brain.”
Well, if you’re using technology to create, I think your hands are doing something important. Here they are, activating their brains by using their hands:

Making a robot out of an Arduino.
How do make dirty water clean? Attempt 1: Not so clean.

Attempt 2: They tasted the water they purified with this solution. They said it didn’t taste bad, but it didn’t taste good either. Getting closer!
Open Beam makes prototyping easy. Fun to see grade 7 students on the floor, so intent.

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